About Us

Cakes by Karen is a bakery that makes cakes, cookies, and goodies.

About Us

I have been a licensed baker for nearly 15 years now. I started out of my home, moved to a storefront, and am now located in the back of VICS ice cream in Spencerport.

Over the years I have had amazing opportunities such as appearing on Food Networks ‘Cake Wars’, hired by Pepsi to make Reggie Jackson’s birthday cake, and, of course, made all those birthday cakes for my friends at 92.5 WBEE!

Never attending culinary school, I taught myself the craft. I have a degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Visual Communications. Art has always been my passion alongside baking, so why not put them together?!

I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery of cakes and feel free to contact me for a quote for your next event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need to order a cake?

Because each novelty cake is so time-consuming, I usually like about 2-3 weeks’ notice. Now that’s not saying I will not be booked up for that particular week so if you know you want a cake it wouldn’t hurt to get in early. I am currently only taking 4-5 orders a week.

How do I order?

We have a few ways to order. You may call in, stop by or email us. A lot of customers find pictures of something similar to what they are looking for online and email us a picture for a quote. Please keep in mind you are sending us someone else’s artwork and the cake will not be exact to what you send and usually prefer to change it up a bit.

How much of a deposit do you require?

As stated under the flavors/pricing link, we require half down a deposit on all orders. Many people call to inquire about pricing but please be aware your order is not considered in our books until we have a deposit and we may book up in the meantime. The reason is, the cakes take many hours to complete. We budget time-based on complexity and volume and have a cut-off point, otherwise, we don’t sleep 🙂

How come I haven't gotten a call back in a couple days?

Sometimes we do take a few days to get back to everyone, whether through email or phone call. While all our customers mean the world to us, I also have to make all these creations, which usually take place toward the end of the week. Don’t worry I will return calls and emails eventually which is another reason we like lots of notice. It may take up to a week in the summer months to receive a response and very much appreciate your patience. If for some reason you do not receive a response, by all means, please contact us with a phone call.

How do I transport a cake?

If you are picking the cake up yourself you will need a car large enough to transport it. A flat surface if ideal, like the floor or your cake or back end of an SUV. Please make sure you have room in your car so it will not have to sit on the seat. Car seats are at an angle and the cake should not be placed there. Customers are responsible for any damage done to the cake once it leaves the store. We do offer delivery if you are not comfortable transporting your own cake. Delivery charges do apply.